Here are some debunked myths about relationship virgins, what are your thoughts?

So I'm not a sex virgin but I've never had a real relationship and stumbled upon this article.
I think the author nailed it.

What are your thoughts?


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  • Totally spot on. I definitely was one and that really resonated on a lot of levels.

    • What age did you get your first relationship?

      Yeah I defintiely resonated with the one about experiencing heartbreak. Especially when a girl who ended up using me as a rebound would hit me up and tell me what I wanted to hear to fill her void and then as soon as I showed interest back, no matter how subtle, it made her back off. It's almost like she shit tested me to see how clingy I was which was bullshit.

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    • Truth be told though, I've had some girls want to be in a relationship with me that I didn't like back so #2 resonates with me too. I mean while I'm not too picky, I have standards as well. I'm not just gonna date someone for the sake of being in a relationship. It wouldn't make me happier and it'd be unfair to the other person.

    • Another thing that kinda worries me though is I've had attractive girls flirt with me and initiate it by asking me to make out when I first meet them but a lot of times, that's the furthest it goes. It kinda worries me because when I find someone where we're mutually attracted, it's like all I have going for me is my appearance and that's nothing to brag about.

      While I'm not opposed to hookups and flings, I'm tired of just getting that.

  • Didn't know these myths existed.


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  • I actually really enjoy this article as I have never had a relationship and for the most part this article hit each point dead on. Even people who have had relationships make things more difficult then they really hard. I had a girl I work with told me that her boyfriend gets jealous when a guy texts even if it is worked related. And my thinking is that if you can't trust the person what is the point of being in the relationship to begin with. Obviously if there is more to it then I can see it. But she even says that she had no problem with him checking her texts or Facebook to show that nothing is going on.

    I don't know it seems like people want to make things harder then they really is, as relationships are hard to begin with, some people I guess.

    • Not all relationships are toxic and unhealthy where people have trust issues, jealousy, etc.

      The one about being selective hit close to home too. I've had girls I didn't care for want to be in a relationship with me and vice versa. I have standards and am not just gonna date or be in a relationship with anyone just for the sake of being in one.

  • I really need to start reading these questions more carefully lol. I think the article is good. I know most of the stuff already as i know some non-relationship virgins, along with commitment phobic people. I will say im guilty of number 8, I've used that on numerous occasions, i already knew it stung but that was the point of using it.

    • Yeah, I've experienced number 8 from people. For example, my closest I felt to a relationship when I was rebounded and people would say so you didn't date her for years or you didn't fuck her so you have no right to be upset, despite how much she toyed with my emotions.

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    • Yeah true that's why I play things by ear. Expectations only lead to disappointment.

    • Posted like it came straight from me.

  • I like most of it, I can completely relate to a lot of it, minus the 'most of us have dated' parts.

  • it sucks that lack of experience hurts guys more than girls, as in girls are more likely to be turned off by it than the other way around, and it gets worse that the older the guy gets and is inexperienced

    • It's a double standard. Just like how most guys don't wanna date a girl who's slept around.

      But yeah it's like the older I'm getting and the less opportunities I have to meet women , it makes it harder. I still have girls I'll make out and hook up with from time to time but hookups are only fun when they last.

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