I feel as if I turn girls off, any advice?

Have you ever wished guys or girls found you attractive? Well I'm in the same boat with you.. When I approach a girl it seems as if they are turned off by me. One of my friends said it could be because I'm black and I'm stationed in a very close minded and slightly racist town. However I don't see it that way. I think either there's something I'm doing wrong or something I can do better. For the most part I dress pretty well. I shower twice a day, and I've been told that I'm caring. I have my own car, my own place, I'm tall, I'm funny, I just don't get why I'm getting such negitiave respondses/reactions from females. I'm very friendly and I smile and I've learned not to talk about my self at all, I just let her talk about her self. Also I've tried talking to girls out of town and I'm still getting the same error message.

I'm really at whits end with this and ready to just give up and stop talking to women. I've tried everything, I've bought programs, changed how I dress, Opened an account with every dating site, started volunteering MORE, and I've started taking better care of myself to include going to the gym more.

If I haven't been clear on anything just ask.

Please be respectful with your comments.. Thanks!


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  • Oh. Id date you. You sound like such a caring guy! :))
    You should try coming over to london. Not lying but there's like a load of white women always with mix race kids. Im guessing they just love black guys lol.


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