Ok, how much of the final grown women can you see in a 19 yr old? how would she look in 5 to 10 yrs? much differnt?



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  • I don't think we wouldn't look that different... but maybe a little because of the way we wear makeup or outfits... etc

    • so on boned and face its the same?

      wouldn't see have a mature look? on the face.

    • yeah.. its the same :D I don't think bone structure or face itself would look much different

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  • I look different than when i was 19
    Some girls I graduated with look the same a they did in high school
    i guess it depends on genes and environment?

  • Depends on the girl I think. Some people change drastically others not at all

    • yah cause i m considering somoene much younger and shs convincing me shell love me later on as welll... just wondering and tryna get the most info to make decisions.

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    • Hmm ya that makes sense college can do crazy things to a person. Best of luck!

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