Tell her after two days?

I have this little problem , this girl works at a big supermarket , i've seen her countless times eyeing me and even talked to her twice ( small talks ) ... anyway a few days ago i added her on Facebook and started talking to her immediatly , we had a converstaion that lasted for like 2 hours, it was mainly made up of short sentences but she did laugh quite a bit ( i hope so ) and she answered every text i sent , here's the thing i've talked to her for two days only, and she's really hot and pretty and is surrounded by guys ( some are attractive ) at work all day and i am sure that she's not interested in chatting with someone for hours everyday since she gets that a lot , so i am just going to be straightfotward and ask her if we can meet somewhere and get to know each other more , is it a good strategy or not? i did ask her if anyone would be offended or mad if i talk to her and she immedaitly said no and its all good , so what do i do now?


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