Is 7 years older too old?

Has dating older guys became more common or does it barely happen?


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  • i think the older you get, the more tolerable a big age gap gets. the golden rule for this in my opinion is half his age +7. in this case the maximum age for your guy would be 24. above this it kind of gets awkward and unusual in my opinion but there are exceptions to every rule.

    • My golden rule is that if they are at least the age of consent they are good to go.

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    • I have found that age is not an accurate indicator of maturity in and of itself. I have met people my age and older who where very immature and I have met people much younger than me with a high level of maturity. Rather than judge potential partners on a number, I prefer to go by personality and how well we click. I have dated girls much older than myself as well.

    • yeah this is why i think the half of seven years is a good tolerance. since it takes into consideration, that you don´t gain so much more maturity at a certain age. but especially in the 16-30 year range, differences are huge so i think it´s not ok to just say 18 is fine.

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  • I'm guess you like a guy (or girl) who is 7 years older than you. I guess my question to you would be what's more important, how well someone treats you, how well you get along or an meaningless number?

    I would also ask how old according to who? Society? Your peers? Your family? Why would you live your life based on what someone else wants for you versus what you want for you?

    Don't be silly :)

    • Its the opposite he likes me. he was very open about it I found out really awkwardly. but the feelings aren't mutual sadly. but its like I might never have someone like me again (It took this long for someone too) I just don't see how its possible anyone likes me really. im a mess honestly lol. and I've never dated obviously. sooo that's another reason if im gonna begin dating. it in my opinion would be really sketchy to start dating a 26 year old. I don't know.

    • If your not attracted to him its one thing, and you should never settle because you are not sure if you will find someone else. But if its just the age thing then you are holding yourself back for no reason.
      I have dated plenty of girls who where 10+ years younger than me, I have also dated my age and older than me.

      If someone is legit a good match for you I find it silly to walk about based on the number of years they have been alive. But you are the one who has to live with your actions.

    • Yes of course I'd never settle based on the fact that it might not happen again how awful. he's aware I don't want to lead him on. he seems crazy about me though he's told me I make him happy just by being able to talk to me its crazy cuz its only been a month and im nothing special really.. I don't know so many emotions.

  • It's pretty much been normal for centuries.

    • Explain lol

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    • Sorry, is wrinkly sweaty balls better?

    • You are hilarious omg

  • It's as common as dirt.

    • That sounds bad

    • It's only bad because if you get married and grow old, he will probably die first.

    • Well girls live longer anyway so I guess it's not a big deal lol

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  • 7 years is not too much as long as both people involved are adults (18+). I've fooled around with a guy who is 6 years older than me. It's kind of unclear if we're on or off right now, though. Lol :p

    • Both are adults yes. Right? I know the struggle. We're just friends and we argue like a married couple every day man lol

    • Common misconception. The age of consent in most states is 16. If both people are at least the age of consent its ok. I have dated girls 11 years younger than me.

    • @Hexxus I wasn't talking about age of consent, though. I was just saying that I personally feel it's more appropriate if neither of them are under 18.