Online Romance Ended Bad, Now He Goes To My Gym?

I met a guy through online dating. We hit it off instantly and live in the same city.

I didn't have face photos up (privacy). He asked for some. After feeling comfortable, I sent him a couple.

He also had vague photos on his profile. One with his back to the camera and a close-up, but he was wearing sunglasses.

I asked if he could send a clearer photo of himself. He always ignored the question or made excuses. I started to think he was a catfish.

I got frustrated. I said, "You're always preaching that you're an open-book, honest, and no bullshit. But I feel like you're hiding something.."

He did give me his name. I Googled it before but found nothing. After some detective work, I was able to find some pics. He looks different, but not a catfish like I thought.

I felt foolish. I still like him and tried to send an apology, but he wasn't having it.

Today I was in my gym parking lot in my car. I saw him come out of the gym. He didn't see me.

It's a tiny gym and we'll definitely be in close proximity if we go the same day.

I'm so nervous now of a run-in.

He definitely knows what I look like, but he doesn't know I know what he looks like.

Should I ignore him, or say hi? What would you do?


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  • I would strike up a conversation. This will break the ice, so to speak, so u can get the feelings out there. Apologize in person as well. This will have greater impact on him, watching ur body language and getting a better feel for ur mood. The same goes for u with him...