Should I just walk away from him?

The guy I've been seeing for the last month hasn't text me in 4 days. I sent him a text on Tuesday asking how he was and replied straight away but I've heard nada from him since then.

We have text nearly everyday since we met because we are in a long distance thing and only see each other every few weeks.

At the moment I'm feeling pretty crap about it. I really like him so I feel like I should just walk away to not end up even more hurt.

What should I do?

  • talk to him
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  • walk away to avoid hurt feelings
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  • He could be going through something or just busy as annoy as an excuse that is. You should talk to him don't run away from it.

    • I know but I'm just worried that he is going to tell me something I don't want to here.

  • Talk to him, it would hurt worse if the guy was misunderstood by you.