She wanted to date me around the holidays but now she might already be seeing someone else?

this girl I knew from hometown wanted to date me around the chirstmas holidays and we talked and hung out a couple times at local pub but then things didn't really happen and she went back to college where she's finishing a dental program. anyways hadn't heard from her in a couple weeks and wondered what she was up to and saw her last night. she was sort of acting weird and it appears there might already be someone else and they might be going on a date for Valentine's day. what is this just a rebound? or did she give up on me cause I didn't make a commitment during the holidays? she did want to date me so I'm rather confused


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  • it was awkward because of the time spent apart. make a move on her if you're still interested.


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  • She found someone else. Don't dwell on it. You should find someone else too


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