What are your thoughs on sending a tattoo valentine electronically to this girl?

I don't know her that well but have her on Twitter we meet at a bar and I know she's into tattoo's as she has some. was thinking on sending her a tattoo valentine , found some neat romantic tattoo pictures and add my own message and send that to her as a Valentine's day gesture? any thoughs my only concern is I don't know her that well so she might not be expecting it and she might think I want more from her than just saying happy Valentine's day if I see her later tonight at bar we both often go to on Saturdays?


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  • Just say Happy v-day for now, since you don't know her that well.

    • but she likes tattoo's and some of the pics I found were pretty safe tattoo's I think not in sexy places or too romantic , sort of casual but still enough Valentine's message in them. I've sent her some things of there before and she didn't seem to mind

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