What are the reasons why a guy would break up with you when he has depression and depression is the reason you broke up?

Like he broke up with me because of his depression... what was going through his head?


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  • I've been there too.

    A lot of times people with depression feel like they're constantly dumping their problems onto their significant other. Or they'll feel like their partner is too good for them. Or that they can't provide a good relationship until they are in a better state.

    You really can't do anything except try to be understanding. It's everything to do with them and nothing to do with you, so try not to feel bad about it.

    • What happened with you? Did you get back together?

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    • Ah see we've been broken up a month and he can barely look at me and has unfollowed me on social media sites

    • Well I think he probably needs the time to figure out his emotions. Depression is realy serious and a lot of times people with it feel like they can't handle being in a relationship. I wouldn't hold out for him to come back but maybe give it some time and then you'll be able tI be friends again.

  • Maybe he didn't want to hurt you by involving you in his problems.