What should I do? Need Opinions urgent. Wish he would forgive me? What is he thinking?

I met this guy in October 2014, and we talked everyday ever since sometimes for upto 5 hours at a time, and skyped, he told me how much I mean't to think that it was more than like how he felt, a feeling inside him, I went back to see him end of January I was staying at the hotel when he worked as a receptionist, he wasn't working the day I arrived but came down to meet me, everything was perfect, we arranged to meet again 2 nights after, he wasn't sure where to meet till he came to the centre, i rang him he was still on his way in the taxi, and when I looked my credit had run out, so I went to buy a phone card, and had my mobile phone stolen, I spoke to him next day it turned out he had come to where I was staying and had waited one hour for me, we arranged to meet again on my last night he was working that night, I texted him after didn't know he had finished work, he said he had gone home I was in the hotel bar and he had been waiting 20 minutes, I was upset plus had been drinking said if he didn't come back there wouldn't be a next time, I kept ringing his mobile after but he wouldn't pick up plus texting him, I think he was really hurt and angry because the next day he had blocked me on Facebook. A few days ago he messaged my friend to ask how she was he knows she's in a relationship and we're good friends, he just asked her how she was, he didn't speak to her since 2 months before, and they only had very short chats, I wondered if he wanted a reaction.. I have messaged everyday since getting back 9 days ago, and I had bought him a teddy for Valentine's day, sent photo of it to him & mssg to tell him how i felt. Today I got message I don't care and dont want anything from you, you give me some space and peace bye. He rarely goes on whatsapp, but since sending him audio and photo he keeps logging in, what should I do, does it sound like he still cares? I really want him back?


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  • Wait a second, I am confused. Why exactly did he say he doesn't want anything to do with you? This does not seem like the whole picture, but he clearly sounds like he has his mind set on not maintaining contact.


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