What should I wear on my date?

Hi there, thanks for your time. : )

So, I'm going on a date in a few weeks and I'm completely stumped on what to wear. I have medium-length curly (I can flat iron it) brown hair, hazel eyes, and beige skin. I do not wear that much make up because a lot of make up just does not look good on me. I just do not know what to wear! It's kind of chilly right now but, then again its Texas so it could be extremely hot by the time my date rolls around.

What should I wear? Guys, what do you think looks good when you see your date? Girls, what do you like to wear on dates?



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  • well it depedns what your going to do on the date as well

    if ur just going out to dinner then I would like a nice dress not to frilly

    but if ur going to the movies and such or bowling or something like that

    then jeans and a nice top is what you want to do and don't show too much skin. it sends wrong signals to ur date esp if you under 18.

    and every guy is different but this is my opinion


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  • Oh how fun! I don't know where you live, but the store I go to (the malls are way too over priced and ross is filled with crap) is MARSHALLS, they have nice stuff a LOT to choose from and great preices. The only thing I can suggest is, tight pants, with boots (I forget the style but you tuck your pants into your boots) and a flirty top, because the weather is chilly I wouldn't suggest a belly top or sleeveless. With this style I usually do a cute sweater type blouse that is very complimentive and very nice danggling earrings (im all about the jewelery) don't forget the sweater just incase, and the newest trend, is "not everything has to match" so if your jewelery purse or shoes don't match, just make sure they all compliment the colors. I hope I helped and have a wonderful date!