Is it wrong and weird for a man to stay single for the rest of his life (by societal standards)?

I ask this since I have trust issues. I'd rather stay happily single then to be with a woman who's either potentially a cheater/adulterer or who is potentially self-entitled and tries to deceive me with her "innocent looks".

I don't care what people say, I'd rather not take any chances of being made looking like a fool, especially since women are supposedly better at getting away with cheating/adultery than men.

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  • Is it wrong and weird for a man to stay single for the rest of his life (by societal standards)?
    B. No

    By societal standards at least patriarchal standards being single is highly desired and enviable for males. Being a bachelor appears to be a praised lifestyle with relationships and marriage seemingly highly abhorred Relationships are seemingly seen as oh so awful inconveniences to get sex and marriage is seen as death/prison sentence.

    What would be wrong and weird by societal standards it seems is for a guy to be sexless not single.


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  • I don't find it wrong or weird.
    You do you.
    I do find it sad that you have trust issues though.


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  • Some people identify themselves as "Asexual" meaning that they don't have relationships/sex etc.
    Although it's unusual to stay single for the entirety of your life it's is by no means wrong.
    You shouldn't feel that the only thing stopping you from having a relationship is the fear of being cheated on. You should find someone you trust and get along well with, start slow and make sure that you want to be with this person before you start making any jumps

  • I am asexual. I do not find other people sexually attractive. I am aromantic. I do not find other people romantically attractive. So I very well may lead a life like this. I do need intimacy in my life though, and since most other people look for intimacy in romance and sex it is hard and will be hard for me to find fulfillment in this regard. So no it is not wrong or weird.

    But you are wrong. You can not live your life afraid of getting hurt by people. Everyone gets hurt every now and then. The only way to avoid this is by having no connections at all, does that not sound worse?

  • It's not wrong, due whatever makes you happy. Uncommon? Yes, since most of the people look for someone to spend the rest of their life with, but that doesn't mean it's wrong to stay alone, as long as that's what makes you happy.

  • wierd/abnormal? kinda
    wrong? nope