Does he like me?

This guy I work with has been throwing some signs at me, and my co-workers say he is being obvious he likes me, however I'm still hesitant... by the way I like him a lot...

He likes to look at me in the eyes and smile, but sometimes during conversations he will have a hard time looking at me in the eyes.
He teases me, and always tries to make me laugh...
He said "You're something else.." and smiled after we were laughing at his joke. I asked if that was bad... and he said no
He agreed to plan a dinner 2 weeks into the future... and reminded me 2 days after not to forget about it.
Yesterday at work I found a random valentine chocolate in my locker, and when I said I didn't know who it was from he said "Oh... it was me"... I asked "really?" and he was smiling and red, and he said "No, I am just kidding" and said he didn't know who it was from and just bolted for the door... didn't even say bye... I don't know if it was from him or not, my friends say it was probably him, I asked everyone I could think of and everyone didn't know what I was talking about...
He did also say I was confusing a couple days ago, and my friend said it was because I am not giving him hints, and I'm confusing him with smiling at him, but giving no other hints...

Maybe I should just stop being stubborn and finally see this guy is interested in me? :)


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  • You said you like him a lot? So, what are you waiting for? Ask him what he really feels. It's the only way you can possibly find it out for sure.


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