This girl says she likes me, but doesn't want a relationship want now?

Okay so this girl and I have a college class together, and we've hung out a few times. She told me one night that she really liked me, but that she'd had something last term that really messed her up and she isn't very happy with who she is right now. She told me she didn't want to "drag me through her crap", and that she just wanted to be friends for now. She said a lot of stuff that I know she wouldn't have said if she didn't really like me, so I'm sure she was being sincere about having feelings for me. I want to respect her decision, and give her time to see if we can make this work. I don't want to start something else because I still have feelings for her, and that wouldn't be fair to any other person if I wasn't fully into a relationship. We still see each other everyday for class, text, and hang out occasionally. So we're definitely friends, I guess my one worry is that by the time she feels ready she will no longer have feelings for me and I'll just be screwed. Thoughts?


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  • If you want a relationship then you need to forget her and find sineone who wants the same thing


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