Ladies, what would you think if this happened to you?

Coworker situation. Known each other 4 months, get along great. Finally go out to lunch. Go back to my place talk some more and hang, having a great time.

I ask her if she is seeing anyone and she says "she is kinda seeing someone but is waiting for him to make a move". That's when we hug and say our goodbyes for the day and for some reason she kisses me on the cheek as we are hugging.

I lean back so i can see her face while we are still embraced and we end up kissing. She then initiates some tongue action and i tell her more and she sticks her whole tongue in my mouth, it was... exciting. she was really giddy as was I, she was blushing and said she had a great time.

The morning after I had serious regrets about kissing her since I realized I would be seeing her at work that day and that she was seeing someone. At the time I thought it would be a good idea to try and break any awkwardness at work by sending her a playful text "butterflies? haha". I kinda realized I screwed up immediately after I sent that text.

She didn't come into work that day. I kinda freaked. I called her that afternoon and left a voice message apologizing about kissing her and it's not right for me to come between her and her guy friend. I told her I wouldn't try to pursue her to try and put her at ease.

Obviously I haven't heard from her, I doubt I ever will. Probably why I can't stop thinking about it...

What do you think about this?


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  • Do not do anything else! It's something for her to figure out. You both kissed each other, it wasn't like you attacked her, she chose too. She'll obviously come to work eventually and when she does, keep it very casual. Do not contact her again unless she reaches out to you first. Nothing you did was wrong, but all actions have consequences.


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