Does she want to take our friendship to the next level?

We have known each other for 9 months now at work and we are very close. But I was wondering if she is just being really friendly or trying to tell me something. The things I ve noticed are:

1. She will walk up and either lean against me with her head on my shoulder or give me a massive hug when she come in to work.
2. She has a nickname for me but doesn't t have any for other people.
3. I ve opened up to her about some issues that I've had and since then she can instanty tell if I'm in a bad mood or need cheering up and will do something to make me feel better and the same if she is in a bad mood.
4. We went out for work drinks and she got into an argument with someone on the way and whilst we made our way to club she grabbed my hand and walked with me. Someone else was trying to comfort her but she still grabbed my hand. She also grabbed my hand at work before whist I was getting the door.
5. Whenever I see her down I try to do something that will make her day. One day, she broke up with her boyfriend and had issues with her boss and started to cry and came to me. I said its my mission today to put a smile on her face, so I brought her, her favourite noddles from a place that near us and it made her smile but she kept saying that I'm such a cutie or your so cute.
6. One time, we were in the break room and we were sitting next to each other on a couch/table. She wanted to lay down and she just leant on my back whist I talking to someone on other side and saying it was comfortable. I then turn around as it was uncomfortable and she layer on my chest.

She is always there for me if I need help or advice but I would like to know if she is just being friendly.


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  • Well, I don't think it is just about being friendly, all this leaning and hands-grabbing...


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  • It sounds like she's really comfortable with you. Based on what she said she either want to be like best friends or likes you. It's hard to tell. You could however just be up front about it. You could sound like you wouldn't mind dating her but are fine just being friends too. Just be open with her it sounds like she's comfortable enough with you. Just ask what she wants if your okay with either outcome.