Am I getting played?

I had my first one night stand with this guy a few weeks ago, I only considered it a one time thing until he messaged me on Facebook a few days later. We have been talking about catching up again and seeing where it goes. Tonight I went to the club and saw him there, he was very very drunk. I avoided him most of the night because I didn't know how to act or what to say (I'm not very experienced in this area). Anyway I was dancing with my friends when I saw him kiss another girl. I decided that's when I needed fresh air so I went outside, to have a smoke. I sat down and then he pulled a chair out in front of me and sat down as well (I'm pretty sure he followed me outside). We had a smoke together and I kind of just talked to my friend. He was very drunk anyway and ended leaving after five minutes.


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  • This is a pretty difficult one, there really isn't too much information to go on. Was the one night stand agreed to be nothing more than a one time thing by both of you? If not, he definitely sounds like a prick for kissing another girl knowing you were there. In addition, if he was serious about you I don't think he would have followed you outside just to stand by you for 5 minutes and leave, even if he was being ignored. All in all, I would say yes, he is trying to play with you. Though I could be grasping at straws here.


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  • I don't know.. That really isn't enough to go on.. He could have just kissed her BC he was really drunk.. Just watch how he acts