What do most females think of their younger bfs?

most of guys like who I am let's say "average looking guys" would take any chance to get a girlfriend and it seems my chance has come , there is this hot girl in my uni that I stared at and liked so much I got shocked that she seems to like me more I got 100% sure that she likes me. her eyes are always focused on me in anywhere I go
I wanna find out what are the consequences of having a girl 4 years older than me on the intellectual level , treatment , constant idea if age is a big matter to her because inside her mind she thinks I'm as old as she is or even older because of my mature look.


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  • I dated someone who was 4-5 years older than me. The best part is she will show extra attention if you fall in love because she doesn't want some young chick to flip your mind. Having said that the initial days can be stressful depending on your experience. You said she is HOT and older which means she would have dated bunch of different guys. So she can see through bullshit. Also if you are not experienced in dating in general it can create some friction. For example open/hold the doors for her, take her out and pay out of your pocket on first couple of dates at least, keep surprising her and put some effort in planning dates. You should be good.

    All the best bro

    • I swear I see amazing tips in almost every line thank u

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