Is anyone else confused about this?

You know how they say when a guy gets married that his mother goes from becoming the number one women in his life to his wife? My question is why does it have to change over night after marriage meaning isn't it a slow progression to fill that role of number one? Also why do you have to be married to be the number one women? What about couples who have been together for a while and are very serious? Also what does number one women even mean? In what sense is someone the number one women? I mean I don't know about you but I they not to label the important people in my life as number one or number two? I know for my long term bf I am number one when it comes to consulting about major life decisions such as getting another job or starting a future together but his mom is number one in the sense that she raised him. I guess I'm just confused on why do we have to label someone as number one and so on and so forth? Also different people fill different roles in different ways one isn't necessarily better or worse.


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  • It didn't change over night. She should be the most important person even before the marriage

    • You didn't answer my question. In what way should she be number one and why? What if you were together for years help each other out or even have a kid together. Also why do we have to label people as number one and so on and so forth why can't they be equally important and just play different roles? It is natural that when people become adults to start prioritizing their so more

    • Oops sorry I read it wrong I thought you meant his mom should my bad.