Is he just being a tease or is there something wrong?

This guy and I are really close and I thought we would finally start going out. We cuddle all the time, are constantly touching each other (like rubbing the other persons leg while sitting, sitting really close together, holding hands), and he will rub my butt in a sexual way and he has playfully spanked me a couple times. We do other stuff besidesa lot of touchy feely stuff too I swear. We can talk for a long time about anything and we really care for each other. For example I wasn't feeling well the other day and he spent the whole day trying to make sure I was ok even though he wasn't feeling that great either.
We were in my room the other day cuddling when I laid on top of him and we were doing somewhat sexual stuff. My alarm went off during it because we had a meeting to go to and he got on top of me was noise to noise with me and right when I thought he would kiss me he got up and said "time to go" He had no problem joking about sexual tendon so I don't think he was nervous about kissing me but I'm not sure. That was on Wednesday and we still haven't kissed. I was kind of hoping we would do something for Valentine's Day but that didn't happen either.
Does anyone know what might be going on in his head? I am really confused and I'm at the point where I might just grab his face and kiss him if he is going to keep this up.

He still hasn't kissed me but he had been more touchy and cuddly. Still no clue what is happening.


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  • Seems you are aroused by his actions. True?

    • Yes. He was too. He was making jokes about it after.

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  • Maybe he's thinking the exact same thing you are.

    Grab his face, kiss him, then kiss him again.


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  • I think you have a good plan.. Grab him & kiss him!