Im really confused if my ex likes me ! HELP PLZ?

So there was this guy I liked so I told my friend and started texting him and he ended up asking me to be his gf and we were like best friends always talking but I broke up with him but I missed him so I tried to text him and he sent my friend a message that sais he still liked me but he said to me he liked some other girl that I always HATED and he barely texts me. Meanwhile him and my friend that's a girl sends me screenshots of him asking her what do I say to her. So I'm really confused so please PLEASE help me. Please.


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  • He still likes you but is not ready to admit it to you. I feel he was hurt when you broke up and is still hurting.
    Saying he likes a girl you hate was his way of getting revenge. Hurting you.

    I feel if you give it time he will come around.


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