No Happy Valentines Day At least?

Been talking to this guy on and off for about a year. He came back in town recently and we had spent some time together dinner drinks etc . This was only about to days ago. Now today is Valentine's day, no I didn't expect anything like gift wise or anything like that but no text call to even say hey how you doing or Happy Valentine's Day?

Like am I being petty because we're not in a relationship? Should I hit him up? Or just say fuck him lol


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  • I don't see how you could expect any sort of Valentine's Day wish from him. He probably didn't even think about it because what you described at best is friendship at most.

    If you'd like to receive a Valentine Day message from any guy, then you need to do the work to establish a real relationship that a guy will recognize as more than just friendship.

    If you'd like get that from this guy next year, then put in the work. If you don't think he is worth the effort then move on for better prospects.

    • How do you suggest that I do so? What makes a guy realize that a female is serious besides saying hey I want something more serious? Lol

    • What's the matter with telling him you would like something more with him than just friendship? Sure, he might not feel the same way, but then at least you know where you stand instead of not knowing and having to stew over no Valentine's day message.

      The best way show you want a more serious relationship with him is by spending more time together and doing things as a couple. Now, given your description of the situation, it sounds like he might not live in the same city as you, which makes it difficult to spend that quality time together that helps make a relationship grow. While I won't say it is impossible, because I know people who have managed to do it, they are by certain the exception, not the rule.

      That's pretty much it. No guarantees he'll respond the way you would like, but sometimes you just have to take the risk and put yourself out there if you want something to happen. I hope this is helpful and good luck. :)

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