Should I go on a date with a police officer?

A police officer gave me his number while on duty and I texted him we talked for a while and then we stopped texting for like 6 8 months and the other day he texted me again and asked me on a date. What should I do? Note: I met him when neighbors called the police on my mom and he had to take her to the hospital. That's where he gave me his number.


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  • They are the worst all they want to do is use you and then move on I have heard so many storys


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  • That seems kind of sketchy... Police officers are not allowed to give out their number while on duty. I would be careful.

    • I feel the same. What is he trying to do. If he wants sex I'm sure he could find someone but y he choose me?

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    • R u sure because he never mentioned anything sexual. If I go on this date I call tell what he wants. If I don't go this will eat me up inside. lol

    • Well go on the date then if you want to! You won't really know til you do. If you end up being uncomfortable then end the date early and don't talk to him again.

  • Yeah why not? Why are you concerned?

    • I don't know. It's highly unethical for him to do this while on duty. What if wants sex? I'm not that type of girl.

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