Guys, need your help on this one?

There's this guy at work that I am crushing on, and he's been hinting he likes me too, but we haven't gotten around to talking about it, really? We do have a dinner (Date, maybe?) planned for this coming Friday , but as of now, just still co-workers and friends. Yesterday I found a giant chocolate bar in my locker, and well I asked everyone who it was from and no one knew or admitted to it, I ended up mentioning it to him at the end of the day in which he said "Oh, it was me..." and when I asked "really?" he turned red, smiled, and said "No, I am just kidding", so I asked if he knew who it was from he said no, and bolted for the door, didn't even say good bye like he always does since I was leaving for the day... 2 of my co-workers (friends) say they think it was from him... but he denied it... no one else came forward, and I asked... I wanted to know who to thank?

Guys, would you deny sneaking a chocolate into my locker like that? Maybe he was too shy? or maybe scared of what I was going to say after I asked "really?"... I was soo disappointed when he bolted... left me hanging... but he has given me so many signs he's interested... and I think I have too. Not sure what to think of this?


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  • I would say he was scared

  • i would seriously, seriously dissuade you from hooking up with co workers unless that coworker is quitting soon or you are prepared to quit if needed. things get awkward super fast when you hookup with co workers.

    • Thanks for your honest response, and well I'm actually going to finish school in May so I will be going into an internship at another Company... so it's okay... I am actually a person who over-thinks everything so I am already on my toes if this goes awkward... for now, we are just co-workers and friends and nothing more, neither of us have mentioned "dating" but it's obvious he gives signs a lot and makes it a point to let me know he is interested. Again, thanks for the heads up!!! :)

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