Does he like me back?

Hi so I've kinda developed a crush on this boy and I was wondering if you think he feels the same way.

So he's the son of my aunt they moved in with us because they lost their house :( Anyways, his name's Nathan. He's sooo cute and really smart... he's in loads of AP classes. He's always complementing me on how I look (you look really nice today, etc.) He and I will also share a blanket sometimes when we're watching a movie.

We hang out lots and we both have a really good time.

I've also seen him just staring at me for long periods of time... which makes me think he likes me back. Do you agree? How can I initiate something?

he's just my first cousin


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  • I hope he's not related by blood cuz dating cousins is kinda "Ew" but it sounds like he for sure likes you and you could compliment him back or anything to show that you also have interest. Eventually he will ask you out if he does like you (which it sounds like he does)


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