What do I do? Serious cheating issue?

Me and my girlfriend have been dating for 4 months. After 2 months we decided to take a break to see if we really wanted it. We obviously did bc we said we wouldn't see each other for a week but we did after 3 days.
A week ago she thought that we should break up. She says that she doesn't think that she is right for me and that I deserve a girl better than her. I don't think that's true. After a day of talking we came to the resolution of trying to get it together with each other. We both care for each other and have a strong ("best friend like"-she said) connection. On Valentine's day thing seemed a little off. She came over and immediately fell asleep. I went out and got her flowers. She didn't even notice them until I pointed them out (they were $50 and pretty big). Another thing that really bugged me and what inspired all of this is that 3 months ago she borrowed a hoodie from me. She never returned it... actually said she could keep it bc she likes the smell of it/me. Today on I saw that hoodie in her car so I brought it in thinking she would want to wear it. She said I should have it now. She feels bad, she said. Why now after 3 months would she feel bad?

I think she's cheating on me? Help!!
What do I do? Thanks!!


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  • She is losing interest in the relationship but it doesn't mean she is cheating.


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