How do I break the cycle with my ex?

We met at the end of 2014 and resumed our friendship in 2015 where we saw each other literally everyday on purpose and we became abnormally close. I would tell him how I feel n he'd say he feels it to but he didn't want a relationship. And then in September he initiated a relationship and I approved.

we are from towns that are four hours apart and it would be long distance from November. Before we parted he told me he loved me and he had never said that to any girlfriend before.

he broke up with me in December while we were apart saying its mainly due to distance. It was a mess. Wondered if the fact that im not ready to have sex contributed or aided as an excuse. From pictures I saw he was having a grand time.

now I got a job in a town that's an hour away and we talking again. he's still in university. but I feel feelings returning and it hurts me to know that he's done with me and not jumping at the chance of patching things up. Our conversations are as wonderful as before.

(I'm 22 and he's 24)


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  • If he was away at school then seeds could have been the reason. Me and my ex went out for like a year and a half while she went to school and we just talked on the phone all day til I went to see her or she came home

    • But uh oh yeah to break the cycle you have to cut him off completely. You could minimize communication but some people get weak and they're in that loop again so best bet is to cut him off or if you want say how you feel and why your doing what your doing.

    • Well at least you didn't break up with her altogether. I felt so horrible and cried so much. And yeah when I try to minimize communication I just get sucked in when he initiates it.

      and I just feel shy about communicating my feelings cause as stated in my question he took so long to actually ask me out so I'm tired of being rejected by him.

    • Nope she ended up breaking up with me for reasons that I do not know. I loved her so much but she just wasn't you know there in the relationship like I was when It really counted. So I cut her off it hurt so bad , she still texts me til this day but when you start doing things for you and you're busy making yourself better everyday you'll feel so much better. I'm not saying it's easy because he'll be on your mind for a while but its really worth it.

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