Now that valentines day is over... I need to find a date for next year?

Its finally over! Annual feel lonely day has ended!
who else will spend the next 364 days searching for a valentine! i know i will ;)

  • I am always searching for love!
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  • Love is poop and i am still sad i didn't have a valentine...
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What Girls Said 4

  • Why do these questions never have a "I am single & don't care that I didn't have a valentine" option?

    • OH JEEZ! i meant to add that in the poll!
      sorry =)

      hey next year if you need a valentine let me know ;) lol!!!

  • I think that I should skip this... Now I believe the 'When you'll stop looking, it will come' thing. :)

  • I won't probably. For now I'm chillen but ya never know. Love could find me. Good luck to u!

  • I'm very romantic but I don't think Valentine's day is that important that I would start planning for it the year before and love usually comes when your not looking.

    • haha i know =P no one plans a year ahead for it! thats crazy!
      I think that love comes when you are not looking is true

What Guys Said 2

  • why people feel lonely at this stupid day that people shouldn't celebrate in general... is out of my knowledge!

    • Haha i felt lonely cause all my friends are either in a Frat so they went to a thing with a sorority or have gfs i was just hanging out in my dorm...

  • I didn't feel bad today lol I don't celebrate Valentine's day my gf would have to beg me for me to celebrate it for her.