Does he acctually like me? Please help?

I was dating this guy a few months back. He happens to be my enemy's ex. After a month of dating, we made out and a few days after i got to know that he was still dating his ex (my enemy). After this he said that he liked me a lot and didn't know why he was again dating her. All this while my enemy knew that we were dating and also knew what had happened between us. Does he actually like me? He is asking me to get back together. What should i do?


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  • Lol, enemy.

    Well, you guys seem to have a thing. You should be upset about stringing you along like an idiot, and if he pulls something like that again then not even his good looks will save him (or something like that). He probably got swept up in some moment with her, just make sure that you aren't just her replacement, though. He should have to convince you to be with him, not the other way around.


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  • If you can't make up his mind lose him he likes you buddy miss her he needs to give her up and go for you if that's what he wants


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