She likes me, now what?

I really like this girl but I'm not sure if she knows it. We've gone out before but only as friends. I found out a few days ago that she likes me too. How do I approach this? Help?


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  • ASK HER OUT!!! if u definitely know she likes you then don't hold back. but before u jump the front see if she is even looking for a relationship. some girls may like guys but it doesn't necessary mean she wants to date them. maybe ask a friend of hers or drop her a few suttle hints... just saving the awkwardness if she says no


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  • Just do it just ask her out the worst thing that could happen is she laughs at you and walks away with your brother (if you have one) but don't jump straight into it say something like

    Hey what you doing Saturday

    then continue from there


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  • Come on have balls, just as her if she wants to go out. Not over social media or all this shit...

    Have balls ask her for going out in person. Like hey, let's go out on Sunday, we'll grab a drink or take a walk or what ever you want to say.
    If she says no, it means no. If she says maybe, that's in most of cases no. If she says yes. Cool! ;)

    Good luck

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