What do you think of him?

I'm 19 and he's 21. This is actually my first time dating and I have zero experience. I will just list out stuff randomly.

•He gave me a hickey on the first date but afterwards I told him I wasn't comfortable with it so he said he was going to take it slow.

•Tells me he can unhook my bra with one hand?

•Makes sexual jokes occasionally but says I will have sex with him eventually?

•He wants me to meet his parents...

•French kissed me after a month even though I wasn't quite used to it. I am still new to this. :/

•Unhooked my bra once when I was on the escalator with him and another when we were taking the stairs. He then kissed me and proceeded to unhook my bra but I pushed him away

I think that's all the question I have so far...


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  • thats just a guy thing to do my bf unhooked my bra on the golf course! do u know how awkward that was his mates were pissing themselves coz i was trying to hook it back up but couldn't so i ended up taking it off and wen he was getting ready to putt tied it round his head lol

  • If it makes you uncomfortable tell him. Tell him you're still new to this. If he can't understand than he's not right for you.