French kissing?

When you're french kissing, is it normal to have saliva around your mouth?

What do you feel when you get French kissed?


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  • Ick! Sorry sounds like who you've been kissing is a little sloppy at it. I love kissing and being kissed and if the other person got saliva all around my mouth I would be turned off. To me, a sloppy or inexperienced kisser, means they will not satisfy me sexually bottom line

    • Hmm so when people French kiss, it's supposed to be completely dry around the mouth? @_@

    • Not completely dry, but not wet either. Shuddering ova here, sorry...

    • I'm very into kissing a I hold a high standard on what I expect

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  • it was kinda between both our mouths. I was expecting it to either be in his mouth, or his tongue be in my mouth. it was definitely a french kiss. it was just very different from what I expected. Not everybody will like it. Just preferences. He may, or he may not ever grow out of it. You'll have to decide of that's a deal breaker or not.


What Girls Said 1

  • No its not. That's disgusting. French kissing is supposed to be nice and slow without no saliva coming out of that mouth of urs

    • Not saliva coming out of the mouth but from the person kissing you? Does that make sense?

    • Either way. Its still wrong.