Do you ask for Facebook Official and Girlfriend at the same time?

So I always wondered when did Facebook Official come? You ask a girl to be your girlfriend after you've been seeing each other for a little while and you really like each other but I find it's kind of unclear when Facebook official happens usually it just kind of happens or you text them like "You wanna be Facebook official now?" And they say yes so I'm just wondering if they should come at the same time or separately. Thanks for your guys help :)

  • You ask for Girlfriend and Facebook official seperately
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  • You ask for Girlfriend and Facebook official at the same time
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  • You ask for Girlfriend first Facebook official afterwards
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  • You ask for Facebook official then Girlfriend afterwards
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Don't bother about others say; if she is your girlfriend, that's all that matters. If you both agree to make it public through Facebook, that's ok, but not compulsory. Facebook official is optional, not a must.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I prefer not to be Facebook official at all since it feels unpersonal and attention seeking to put relationship status on social medias. As long as you both know that you're together, what's the big deal about making it "facebook official"?

  • Just forget Facebook completely.

    • Facebook Official is still an important thing though. Like ya lets be honest nobody uses Facebook any more but people still notice when you're Facebook official it's an important thing.

    • I don't give a fuck about Facebook. FB is going to be gone in 5 years. Another social media will replace it.

What Guys Said 1

  • Don't bother putting it on Facebook at all

    • Man that's what people say but Facebook official still matters even though nobody uses Facebook it is important that it's up there since everyone looks at Facebook when trying to learn about a person so by being Facebook official it's like you're saying this person is a part of my life.

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    • No I don't get why you care if people you don't even talk to know about it, and I don't see why they would care

    • Because man if you were popular you would get it.