How do I let him down?

I have gone on a few dates with this guy. At first it was kind of exciting because of how new it all was. But.. i don't feel any chemistry or any real connection. I have tried the 'Bitch' approach and not replied to his messages. But that just ended up with him sending me a long message about how he wants to get to know me more and that he likes me. Honestly he's a nice guy and i would like to be friends.. but i don't know how to do it.


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  • Typical example of friend zoning the nice guy because he's not "your type" or "interesting enough". Sure why not, i'll tell you how to let him down easy, then i'll wait till you come back with a question stating how to get the attention of some guy that flirts with everything in a skirt, or how to get over being cheated on. Do you want me to go ahead?

    • Excuse me.. But I normally date nice guys. But as I don't feel a connection I don't want to lead someone on who will have more luck seeking else where.

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    • That was not me being arrogant. I am not biased.
      Tbh, I think your like of "Honestly, he's a nice guy and I would like to be friends" is a load of bull. I've had that conversation in one of the takes here, you are justifying shooting him down while trying to place him on a hook as a fall back. You may not know it consciously though.
      You don't have to use that line, just thank him for the time you had together and tell him, he's not what you are looking for. Oh, do it over text too... because if he is really that seemingly "nice guy" the puppy eyes may come out :)
      its better than shooting him down and leaving him with hope that one day...

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  • It's normal not to feel a connection with someone even if there isn't really anything "wrong" with them. You're not going to feel a connection with every person you date and that's fine! I think just being upfront and honest with him will be the best thing to do. Just say to him that you feel that maybe the two of you are better off as friends. :)

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