If I go to his house will he be expecting... things?

We've gone out briefly in the past but bumped into eachother recently and started speaking and flirting again, he's not the kind of guy whos a player (I've known him since growing up) but he wants me to go round next week.. because we've done things in the past do you think he'd be expecting things to happen? i think I like him and I don't want to be a 'booty call' but he knows this as we've had conversations like it in the past..
What are your thoughts? what would you do?


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  • A lot of guys in the situation, honestly would expect you do be "doing things" with him. We think whenever there is oppertunity, we should take it. I had a situation like that once where I invited a girl over who I had a thing going on with. When she came over, the first thing she said was she was interested in having sex. And I said that's perfectly alright? And we had a great night. I say do exactly that. Make your intentions clear with him as soon as you get there, if he's says it's fine, he actually cares about you. If not and he complains, well you know what his intentions were.


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  • He probably won't be expecting it, but he will definitely be hoping for it.

  • @SomeoneImportant is right, he will not expect, but hope.


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