Will he wait for me or move on?

A guy I've been dating/sleeping with proved to me that he is a catch last night with a lovely Valentine's date.
I told him I don't have fuck buddies and date with hopes for it to turn into something more and he accepted it.
Only problem is... I'm going away in a couple of days for a month. Should I expect him to wait for me (we have only spent all 4 weekends together consecutevely) or should I just move on and not have expectations?
I hope to get to know him more when I get back, but I have a feeling that he might've just wanted a fling before I went even though he treats me so well. He is very attractive, so I can imagine he will be dating other girls whilst I'm gone.
I don't want to ask him.
What would you do?
Thank you


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  • He went all in and said "Hey I want to be more than just your fuck buddy :)" and you said "Fuck you I'm to good for that shit." He may still want to be a fuck buddy but he definitely won't wait for you, if you do care for him you need to tell him you want to be more than fuck buddies.

    • Huh? Nooo. I said, "I hope you don't see me as a fuck buddy"
      And he replied, "No, this is more than that. We are dating"

    • Do you want to date him?

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  • that's a lot to ask. personally i would date other girls while you were gone.

    • Well.. personally I think in her case if they had a connection.. then he would wait.

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    • it really depends how deep of a connection you had. he will definitely be thinking about you but if he's like me, he will do things to keep you off his mind.

    • Aaah okay, that makes sense! I'll probably be doing the same whilst travelling! Thank youu

  • question is how will you know he hasn't gone behind your back whilst you were away


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  • Maybe bring up the fact that you are going away soon and see if he says anything about it.

    • We talk about it often and he asks me about my plans there.. but says nothing. The only thing I can recall is that he likes how we aren't rushing since I'm going away. This was after I told him I'm not looking for a fuck buddy!