If she doesn't want a guy friend to fall for her and he might should he avoid her?

If a girl has stated that she doesn't like it when guy friends fall for her and you might should you avoid her? I've been hanging with a girl I know more and more. I'm getting to a point where I either be a close friend or fall for her. She said a lot of guy friends fall for and I can see why. She's an incredible person and I'm not sure how I feel about her yet. I'm afraid I could fall for her and don't want to make her uncomfortable. Can what she said change or should I completely put a possible relationship out of my mind? Can you be friends with an incredible beautiful person or should I avoid her. I don't know how I feel yet I just know I enjoy her company. Should I try to be friends only or leave it open? If I should try to be only friends what the best way to avoid falling for her?


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  • Yes still be her friend. Either one of you could change your mind. Also isn't friendship about enjoying spending time together?

    • Okay thanks I felt like I was over thinking. This confirmed that thanks.

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