Girls please ADVICE needed?

So i met this girl this past new years and it was probly one of the best new years I've had in a while. she's a friend of one of my close friends from my hometown that i have never met before. she's really sweet, nice, thoughtful and actually went out of the way to show interest in me. Needless to say we spent the majority of the night with eachother hooking up. We parted ways and we met up the next day in town and she slept over. we didn't have sex or anything because she wanted to wait. She lives a little less than 2 hours away from me and we met up for the 3rd time a couple weeks ago because she's going to be working going around the U. S for about 2 1/2 months. We had a really good date and we finally got to have sex. She complained a little about my size but was really into it as if she never had something like that before. Anyway my main question is that i won't see her until the begining of May, maybe sooner if they have a job by me. We talk basically all the time, phone call in the morning and when she finishes work texting when we both can. She talked to me about dating and I said we really should speak about that in person but I want to be exclusive with her. Before I said that thought she kept saying i can "do what i want" so i asked her out of confusion "you would be okay with me having sex and hooking up with other girls"? something I DONT WANT TO DO. and she got really upset and starting crying saying thats not what she wants and she wants me, i calmed her down and told her i really like her i just want to be exclusive and to talk about actually dating in person when she comes back for the summer. The company she works for splits the members into groups and she's in a group with two guys. It makes me feel a little uncomfortable bc im jealous they are with her for like 2 more months. She talks to me everyday and makes a point to, tells me how much she misses and wants to jus be with me, I shouldn't be concerned about the guys right girls?

  • she's not interested in anyone she will or could meet, She will be FAITHFUL to me
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  • 2 1/2 months is a long time and she could fool around without me knowing
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  • she likes you, stress less. A relationship is built on trust.. just so happens you both have to trust each other a lot sooner then normal. But if you think she is worth it, she's worth it.

    • I know im really not used to this type of stuff and it really was literally out of nowhere that we met. but she's really into me.. i just can't get over the 2 month thing.. any suggestions? @jade1884

    • The worst thing you can do it sit and wait for her to come back. Still talk to her every day but at the same time make sure your still living your life. Go do what you normally do before you where with her. I think the number one mistake people make in the start of relationships is focusing all there time and energy on there partner when you should also have time for yourself. So recapping.. go out and see your friends but at the same time talk to her. Don't get to wrapped up in each other to quickly

    • @jade1884 I know your 100% right. I recently quit my corporate banking job to work full time for my father where i stand to make a really good living. Im getting a new car of my dreams soon, I have a lot of friends and a good social life, but I find myself just waiting and waiting and waiting for things to finally come. Everything in my life takes time to happen, and im okay with that and im also very humble. But I guess i just have strong feelings for this girl and really want to make things work.. thats why I get hung up on this

  • Whoa! Just calm down. You need to relax. Do not get stressed out and do not stress her about it. Just focus on yourself and your career and stuff and let her do the same. Trust yourself and your love more before you trust someone else.


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