So here's the thing...
I had an amazing date yesterday and we had lots of fun. We really like each other a lot which i think is really obvious. He more and more tried to touch me in a cute way such as my hand or shoulder and we understood each other very well.

After a long day, we had to go separate ways and he all of a sudden held my waist and leaned in. Everything has happened so fast so I couldn't tell if he actually wanted to kiss me on my lips or if he really intended to kiss my cheek as he eventually did... As a matter of fact I gave him (a bit an awkward) hug, i suppose, and so we parted... I'm not sure if it really was a bit awkward but I hope it was okay..

What do you guys think? Did he actually really want to kiss me or was his intention only to kiss my cheek to show his respect? I know you guys can't read his mind but after having a great time and being quite close to each other all day, could it be possible?

Thanks for your responds! :)


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  • I doubt he'd kiss you and try to hold hands with you if he didn't have much of an interest, so i'd say that it wasn't just "out of respect" (as in just because he though that's what he should do after a date)

    • So you think it wasn't okay for me to kind of turn my head a bit to the side (was a sudden reaction though) so that he kissed my cheek? :/

    • It wasn't wrong to do. If you didn't want to be kissed on the lips then that's ok. You're entitled to choose if you want to be kissed or not. All i'm saying is that he wanted to kiss you (maybe on the lips) and it wasn't just him kissing you because he thought it was appropriate and the end of a date regardless of how it whent

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