Guy trying to ask you out but to shy to do it, is he pathetic?

So girls, I. A kinda shy guy and liked this girl for a while, anyway, I was talking to this girl, and I was about to ask her out, but backed off because well, she's older than me, and it's a weird situation we're in (would be VERY awkward if she said no) So I quikly changed the subject though im sure she knew I was about too maybe because she was smiling/ smirking. Do you then see that guy as pathetic and weak?


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  • Not at all. She knows you and she's aware of the situation you guys are in, whatever that is.
    Anyway, just go ahead and do it once and for all. You will regret it if you don't. Worse case scenario, she says no, and so what? at least you tried. And let me tell you that pretty much every girl has a lot of respect for a guy who takes that difficult step, even if she's not up for it.


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