Why did he ask me this if he has a girlfriend? Any advice please? Confused?

Why did this guy (I work with him) say he's trying to figure me out when he has a girlfriend? I felt like he wanted to know how I felt about him but I know he is going to stay with his girlfriend so why did he ask me that? I'm confused. If I really loved my "boyfriend" I would never try and figure out if someone is feeling me or not.


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  • Probably because he's a jerk. Some dudes flirt / sleep around / etc. regardless of if they have a girlfriend or wife. Some women do the same thing too.


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  • He Obviously wants his sweet cake and it Two here, dear, and at work, being this jerk, as the old saying goes: When the cat's away, the mouse will play and with his pussycat not in store to keep her eye on more, he is roaming and rolling his tongue When------I felt like he wanted to know how I felt about him...
    Take this tom with a grain of salt and don't pay him any muddle mind. He is feeling you out, flirting a bit with some over time observations and probably would also be like some cat on a hot tin roof after hours if he got his prey which would be You... today.
    Stay clear of him. I have this bushy eyed boy 'Figure out' and my 'Feeling' he is trying to string you along.
    Good luck. xx

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