Is this to lane or should it be in person?

I was going to text a girl to ask to meet for coffee. After ask her out. Would it be ok to text to ask to meet for coffee or should it be in person?


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  • If you've gotten her phone number by honest means, then a text asking her out for coffee is pretty damn reasonable. Keeping it short and sweet works!

    Just make sure your message doesn't contain the phrase "Is this to lane" - I'm still not sure what you were trying for there :) but your phone was not loving your fingers today.

    • Oops. Yea I guess not. I was trying to mean lame. People say don't text to ask them out but I wasn't sure if it was ok to ask to meet and then ask them out in person. Thanks

    • ... I've never heard anyone say not to text? It seems ideal to me - you're not putting her in any stressful situation if she's not interested, there's no awkward conversation immediately after if she declines, and yeah, you've got her number, so why not use it, right? The only downside is sitting on pins and needles waiting to hear back :p So make sure you have something to do?

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