Why won't my boyfriend, kyle stepdad won't let me see kyle after he toldd his stepdad were dating he ask him. about valentines. day date the sttepdad?

Did my boyfriend kyle goodson get into it with his stepdad when he told him we were dating? thhe stepdad wouldn't let kylle go on a vaalentines day date with me i think something haappen n they fought?


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  • I would like to think 30 somethings could date whoever they wanted. Has Kyle been kidnapped?

    • I dontt know if kyle wayne goodson was kidnapped he doesn't show up when the citybuspicks him uup at tthe house do u know y? what makes u think he. was. kidnapped?

    • Why is kyle looking for me

    • Why does he need to ride a bus? Doesn't he have a car?

  • It's a sick world out there.


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