Is this good idea to reach girl?

Lets say we are in resturant and then you make eye contact and smile

The guy come to you and say hi how are you?

Then he said I dont know to express my feelings so I will tell you whats in my heart now , when I saw you my heart beat fast and I felt happy I can't explain it exactly but I feel I want to know you more And maybe we can be close friends or as Romeo and Juliet :) who knows

honestly that was in my mind back then but I didn't do it I'm not sure if it will work or no

Is this good idea OR BADDDDDDD

The guy is handsome and 6,3


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  • Bad idea. Sounds a bit creepy.

    • Any suggestion?

    • Don't say any of that.

      If you see a girl looking at you from across a room, shoot her a smile, walk over casually and introduce yourself. If she asks how you are doing respond with "a million times better now that I am talking to you"

      Be friendly, flirty, but not overbearing or creepy. Ditch the Romeo and Juliet thing for sure-- do you know what that play is? Some pedophile gets involved with a twelve year old and four people wind up dead within a week.

    • Pedophile!! OMG

      Anyway Thanks for help

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