Should I Give Her More Space Or Try Again?

Is 2 Weeks Enough Space? Over a month ago I started dating a girl. We have a lot in common. We laughed and had a good time. We had 5-6 dates. Fifth date I brought her dinner at her place. We watched a movie and I made the moves. We made out and talked. She wanted to wait for sex. I understood. She told me she liked me and thought I was super hot. We even cuddled for a little while and i tickled and wrestled with her. She was smiling and laughing. The next week (last date) we went bowling. We went back to her place and I made the moves again. In the heat of the moment i asked again.. which I shouldn't have.. but it was hot. She said she wanted to wait and i told her I would wait as long as she needed. She said sorry with a guilty look on her face and I told her not to be. She jumped on me and was all over me the rest of the night.

Two days later she text me canceling on concert plans and said she wasn't ready for a relationship. She said she thought she was ready and thought I was awesome but couldn't handle it. She opened up later and said she was scared. She didn't feel on my level yet. She felt like we didn't know each other well enough for her to like me as much as I seemed to like her. I didn't really offer to fix it.. just said I understood. It's been two weeks. She hasn't deleted me on social media. I think I scared her or she realized things were going fast. I typically move SLOW, but women think I'm disinterested. So i pressured myself into making moves. I'd like to talk to her to clear the air and offer to move at her pace. Is 2 weeks good or wait longer?


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  • Thats a sweet story. I wouldn't recommend waiting any longer than 2 week, or even that actually. Reason for saying is because you don't want her to get interested in someone else. Also you want her to know that you are still interested in her, and are willing to do what she needs to do to perfect the relationship she has with you. To me is sounds like this is her possibly first relationship. But than again it sounds like her 2nd, she could of felt like I did and still do, if her heart has been broken before, she could be afraid of falling in love, so she takes the first chance she gets and runs.

    If you have been hurt deeply before, falling in love is a hard thing to do, and with my personal experience I have ran twice from the say guy that I am with now, because I am afraid to love him, and I am afraid for him to love me. I feel you have to truly be loved to know how to love.

    Talk to her, don't wait and loose her, it could be your worse regret.

    • She's had her fair share of dating. We kinda had that talk.. she has been with 8 guys and thought that was enough for 26. So I took it as she really wanted to wait. Her last relationship she had to break it off because she moved out of state. That was 3-4 months ago. It's hard to say what went on in her head. A month of talking then boom.. sorry.. see ya. When girls do this... i see it coming and i expect it. This took me by surprise. When they do.. they delete me off of social media.. she hasn't. Not that big of a deal.. but it means something.

    • Been with meaning slept

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  • Shoot her a message but avoid talking relationship unless she brings it up. Show that even though she isn't ready for a serious bf/gf thing that you are still willing to be her friend and want to be there for her.

  • yes maybe try to text her again , just ask her how are you and see what will be her response


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