Friend or something more?


I met him at the beginning of this school year, but didn't really like-like him until November or so. I'm taller than him (not by much), and he's Asian (I'm Caucasian). We are both in all honors classes as well as choir (where he sings baritone and I sing tenor). We were also in our school musical, Alice in Wonderland.
Most of my friends know I like him, and several people in my Algebra class are constantly teasing us. His whole family thinks he likes me, and it seems like he does, but I'm not sure. When we walk to the buses or when we walked to musical rehearsal, he would offer to carry my binder or flute for me. We often playfully hit each other on the hand or leg, and he also likes to mess with my hair a lot.
He seems to treat me differently from other girls (he has a lot of female friends), and also strongly dislikes my best friend (a guy). Whenever we have a partner project or we're allowed to move seats, he always wants to sit by me or be my partner.
When someone during Algebra asked if he liked me, he blushed and said no (I don't know if he actually meant it though - it was in the middle of a crowded class and we were sitting together; I would have said no, too). According to my friend who has a class with him, he doesn't act at all like he does when he's in my class. With me, he's energetic, goofy, etc., but with my friend, he's quiet, tired, and bored.
He called me pretty once, after I got a haircut, and he gave me a flower after our final musical performance on Friday . He also tried to find out who I liked, but when I wouldn't tell him, he got a bit crestfallen.
So…does he like me? I don't want to mess up our friendship.


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  • That's what it appears to be. If you like him, try making the first move. I don't mean necessarily becoming physical, but say something.