Ex said I looked sad on my profile photo. Why would he say that?

So my ex and I texted back and forth today and he said 'I like your profile photo, although you look sad on it' (I was looking down with my hair to one side.. just a regular pose)

He was the one who dumped me by the way 4 months ago. So why say that he likes it but that I look sad? Is he trying to get a reaction out of me?

by the way I just replied with 'Thank you!' and left it at that.


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  • Just going to take a wild guess here, but I think he said you looked sad, because you actually looked sad in the picture. Don't look so much into it. He's not trying to get a reaction out of you, rofl.

    • Could be, but prior to that he started saying he didn't want to hurt me again and asked me if I was disappointed by him turning me down. I said I was fine and left it at that. Half an hour later he made the photo comment..

  • Why? Because you looked sad...

    • I didn't.. it was an old photo taken 3 years ago, which I used.

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