I asked him if he skated and he said no but he wanted to hang out with his friends.

ok so yesterday I asked a guy if he could do something later today and he said that he would have to see and then he would message me when he found out. When I got on MySpace later it said that he was online but he didn't message me and logged off. So I ignored that since he could have forgotten.

This morning at school I went to ask him if he knew if he would be able to go (since it was later today) and he said that his friends invited him to a skate park I think. I asked him if he skated and he said no but he wanted to hang out with his friends.!

Why did he say yes to his friends even though I asked him before they did?!

  • He forgot
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  • He didn't want to even hang out with me
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and is it ok for me to be hurt by this fact?


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  • Yes and no it is ok for you to be hurt by this, because you feel that he pick his friends over you. Yet at the same time no because guys like hanging with there friends because they can be free around them. The truth of the matter is he is making excuses and he may not like you the same as you like him. I would say ask him to hang out one more time and if he says no again then let it go.


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