Should I be interested in someone who just got out of a relationship?

Okay so this guy I work with and I have gone on a few dates and he has kissed me and obviously shown interest, but he just got out of a relationship (i'm talking three weeks ago) and i'm all too familiar with the rebound move since I unfortunately have done the same to someone else. The girl and him I guess are always on and off from what i hear from co workers and I was just wondering if it would be bad to continue to be interested in him? I'm definitely not trying to get my feelings hurt if he were to go back to her...

guys, I want your opinion too!


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  • It's fine to be interested, but take things slow. Hot passion might seem nice, but he may be in a vulnerable emotional state and you could get attached too fast. The downside would obviously be if he decided it wasn't working out for whatever reason, or decided to go back to his ex, then you'd be heartbroken.


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  • I definitely would advice you to be very careful!!! you don't want him to use you!! :(

    • I feel like he might be but then again he makes such an effort to show interest when in the beginning he showed virtually none and played it "cool" like I feel like he actually likes me now, but i mean... I will absolutely not be someones side girl or second choice.

    • I know what you mean. I have a friend at work who broke up with his girlfriend, he started dating that new girl after like 3-4 weeks of break up... and he was so into her, and was so serious and kept telling me how he is happy with thi snew girls etc. so I was very surprised and thought that ok maybe sometimes it all works out in a good way.. but no, now he broke up with her and said he just used her to move on from ex, so now as he feels better he wants to be happy and single. poor girl :(

    • sorry so many mistakes! he was happy woth new girl.. not girls :)